Online Accounting

An online accounting service delivers an accounting package online, accessed through a secure (generally 128-bit SSL) connection on a normal web browser.

The program and data are on the provider’s server. This means that the user can access the service anywhere in the world from any suitable computer. There is no need for the user to have a powerful computer, as the storage and processing is taking place on the web server, not on the local machine. Access can even be via a net book, mobile phone with internet access, or other mobile device.

Maintenance of both the accounting software and the server hardware are taken care of behind the scenes – for example:

  • Software upgrades and fixes
  • Increasing data storage space
  • Managing security on the system
  • Creating and keeping data backups

What a relief not to have to worry about these issues!

The best thing about online accounting software is that it allows the accountant to work more closely with clients.

This opens up opportunities to offer bookkeeping support, real time transaction and tax planning advice, management accounts from clients’ prime records, in fact a virtual FD service. That is what the GrowYourBiz online accounting service provides.

Book keeping, filing and storage of purchase invoices, management accounting, year end accounting and tax advice. Full financial support for small businesses.